Everyone, Just Like Me 1st Grade Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan: Embracing Diversity with “Everyone, Just Like Me”

“Everyone, Just Like Me” by Carylee Carrington is a delightful children’s book that celebrates diversity and inclusivity. Through vibrant illustrations and a heartwarming narrative, it shows young readers that although we all look different on the outside, we share a common humanity and the capacity to connect with one another.

Grade Level: 1st Grade

Duration: 2 Class Periods (approximately 30 minutes each)


  • To introduce the concept of diversity and inclusivity through literature.
  • To explore the book “Everyone, Just Like Me” by Carylee Carrington.
  • To engage in discussions about different cultures, backgrounds, and the importance of kindness.
  • To create an art project that celebrates diversity.


  • Copies of “Everyone, Just Like Me” by Carylee Carrington
  • Whiteboard and markers
  • Art supplies (paper, markers, crayons)
  • Images or illustrations representing diverse children from various cultures
  • Small mirrors for each student (small handheld or provided digitally)


Day 1: Introduction to Diversity and Kindness

Opening (10 minutes):

1. Begin by discussing what it means to be a good friend and how we can show kindness to others.

Reading Activity (15 minutes):

2. Introduce the book “Everyone, Just Like Me” by Carylee Carrington, showing the cover and briefly mentioning that it celebrates different cultures and backgrounds.
3. Read the book aloud, focusing on the diverse children and their unique backgrounds.

Discussion (15 minutes):

4. Engage the students in a discussion about the book’s themes:

  • What did the children in the book have in common?
  • How are they different from one another?
  • Why is it important to be kind to everyone, no matter how they look or where they come from?

Day 2: Celebrating Diversity through Art

Self-Reflection Activity (10 minutes):

5. Provide a small mirror for each student or use a digital tool to allow them to see their own faces. Ask them to observe and appreciate their unique features.

Art Project (20 minutes):

6. Show the students images or illustrations representing diverse children from various cultures. Encourage them to choose one of these images as inspiration for their art project.
7. Ask each student to create an art piece that includes their own self-portrait and features, celebrating their unique appearance and background.
8. Provide art supplies (paper, markers, crayons) for the students to complete their art pieces.

Sharing and Reflection (10 minutes):

9. Have each student share their art piece with the class and explain what makes them unique.
10. Discuss how embracing diversity and showing kindness to everyone makes our classroom a welcoming and inclusive place.


– Informal assessment through participation in discussions, creativity in art pieces, and the reflection on kindness and diversity.


This lesson plan aims to help 1st-grade students understand the importance of diversity, kindness, and inclusivity through the book “Everyone, Just Like Me” by Carylee Carrington. By discussing the book’s themes and engaging in an art project, students will learn valuable lessons about embracing differences and fostering a culture of kindness and acceptance.


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