Maya Sings Country 2nd Grade Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan: Celebrating Diversity Through “Maya Sings Country”

Grade Level: 2nd Grade

Duration: 3 Class Periods (approximately 30 minutes each)


  • To introduce the concept of diversity through literature.
  • To explore the book “Maya Sings Country” by Carylee Carrington.
  • To engage in discussions about diversity, music, and the power of storytelling.
  • To create a simple creative project that reflects the themes of the book.


  • Copies of “Maya Sings Country” by Carylee Carrington
  • Whiteboard and markers
  • Art supplies (paper, markers, crayons)
  • Optional: Access to the song “Black and Country (Maya’s Song)” for listening


Day 1: Introduction to Diversity in Literature

Opening (10 minutes):

1. Begin by asking the students if they know what “diversity” means. Write their responses on the whiteboard.

2. Explain that diversity means differences in people, cultures, and experiences, and it’s what makes the world interesting.

Reading Activity (15 minutes):

3. Introduce the book “Maya Sings Country” by Carylee Carrington, showcasing the cover and briefly describing the plot.

4. Read the book aloud, focusing on the illustrations and discussing the characters and their backgrounds.

5. Ask the students what they notice about Maya’s journey and why it’s important.

Discussion (10 minutes):

6. Engage the students in a discussion about the book’s themes:

    • What does Maya want to do in the book?
    • How does Maya feel about country music and diversity?
    • Why is it important to include everyone in activities like music?

Day 2: Exploring Music and Diversity

Listening Activity (15 minutes):

1. Play the song “Black and Country (Maya’s Song)” if available or discuss its significance to the book.

2. Have a brief listening session and ask the students how the song makes them feel.

Creative Activity (15 minutes):

3. Encourage students to draw a picture of what diversity means to them. They can draw themselves with friends from different backgrounds, playing music, or sharing a story.

Day 3: Creative Project and Reflection

Creative Project (20 minutes):

4. Provide students with art supplies (paper, markers, crayons) and guide them to create a colorful picture that represents the themes of diversity and music from “Maya Sings Country.”

5. Encourage them to use their imagination and be creative.

Sharing and Reflection (10 minutes):

6. Have each student share their artwork with the class and explain what their drawing represents.

7. Discuss how music and diversity are connected and why it’s important to celebrate our differences.

Homework/Extension Activity (Optional):

  • Ask students to talk to their families about their favorite types of music and any cultural traditions related to music. Share their findings with the class.


Informal assessment through class discussion, participation, and the creativity of their artwork.


This lesson plan aims to introduce 2nd-grade students to the concept of diversity through the book “Maya Sings Country.” By discussing the book’s themes, engaging with music, and creating artwork, students will begin to understand the value of inclusivity and how it enriches our lives and stories.