Maya Sings Country 3rd Grade Lesson

Lesson Plan: Exploring Diversity Through “Maya Sings Country”

Grade Level: 3rd Grade

Duration: 2 Class Periods (approximately 45 minutes each)


  • To understand the concept of diversity in literature and why it’s important.
  • To explore the book “Maya Sings Country” by Carylee Carrington.
  • To engage in discussions about diversity and inclusivity.
  • To express creativity through a related activity.


  • Copies of “Maya Sings Country” by Carylee Carrington
  • Whiteboard and markers
  • Art supplies (paper, markers, colored pencils, crayons)
  • Optional: Access to the song “Black and Country (Maya’s Song)” for listening


Day 1: Introduction to Diversity in Literature

Opening (10 minutes):

1. Begin by discussing the importance of reading and how books can teach us about different people, cultures, and experiences.

2. Ask the students if they know what “diversity” means and why it’s important.

Reading Activity (20 minutes):

3. Introduce the book “Maya Sings Country” by Carylee Carrington, briefly explaining the plot and characters.

4. Read aloud a selected portion of the book, focusing on the parts that highlight Maya’s journey to embrace diversity in country music.

5. Encourage students to ask questions or share their thoughts about the story.

Discussion (15 minutes):

6. Lead a discussion about the book’s themes:

    • Why does Maya want to sing country music?
    • How does Maya feel about diversity in country music?
    • Why is it important for everyone to have the opportunity to pursue their interests?

Day 2: Creative Activity and Reflection

Creative Activity (20 minutes):

1. Begin by playing the song “Black and Country (Maya’s Song)” if available or discussing its significance to the book.

2. Have students create their own drawings or artwork inspired by Maya’s journey, country music, or diversity. Encourage creativity and individual expression.

Sharing and Reflection (15 minutes):

3. Allow students to share their artwork with the class.

4. Facilitate a discussion about how their artwork represents diversity or what it means to them.

5. Connect their artwork to the themes of the book and the importance of embracing diversity.

Wrap-Up (10 minutes):

6. Summarize the key points from the discussion, emphasizing the importance of diversity in literature and in life.

7. Encourage students to continue exploring diverse books and perspectives.

Homework/Extension Activity (Optional):

  • Ask students to find a diverse children’s book of their choice and write a short paragraph or draw a picture explaining what they learned from the book.


  • Informal assessment through class discussion and participation.
  • Evaluation of creativity and reflection in the artwork.


This lesson plan aims to introduce 3rd-grade students to the concept of diversity in literature through the book “Maya Sings Country.” By discussing the themes of the book and engaging in creative activities, students will gain a better understanding of the importance of inclusivity and embracing diverse voices in storytelling.