Maya Sings Country 4th Grade Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan: Exploring Diversity and Music through “Maya Sings Country”

Grade Level: 4th Grade

Duration: 3 Class Periods (approximately 45 minutes each)


  • To introduce the concept of diversity and inclusion through literature.
  • To explore the book “Maya Sings Country” by Carylee Carrington.
  • To engage in discussions about diversity, music, and the power of storytelling.
  • To create a multimedia project that reflects the themes of the book.


  • Copies of “Maya Sings Country” by Carylee Carrington
  • Whiteboard and markers
  • Projector or screen for multimedia presentation
  • Art supplies (paper, markers, colored pencils, crayons)
  • Access to the song “Black and Country (Maya’s Song)” for listening


Day 1: Introduction to Diversity in Literature

Opening (10 minutes):

1. Begin by discussing the term “diversity.” Ask students to share their understanding of what diversity means and why it’s important.

Reading Activity (15 minutes):

2. Introduce the book “Maya Sings Country” by Carylee Carrington, presenting the cover and providing a brief overview of the story.

3. Read aloud the first few pages of the book, emphasizing the character of Maya and her passion for country music.

Discussion (15 minutes):

4. Engage students in a discussion about the book’s themes:

    • What challenges does Maya face in the story?
    • How does Maya’s love for country music connect with the idea of diversity?
    • Why is it important for everyone to have the opportunity to pursue their interests?

Day 2: Exploring Music and Diversity

Listening Activity (15 minutes):

5. Play the song “Black and Country (Maya’s Song)” if available, and encourage students to listen attentively.

6. Lead a discussion about how music can be a powerful tool for expressing diversity and connecting people.

Creative Activity (20 minutes):

7. Provide art supplies (paper, markers, colored pencils, crayons) and ask students to create a visual representation of a diverse and inclusive world inspired by the book. They can draw scenes from the story or their own imaginative creations.

Day 3: Multimedia Project and Reflection

**Multimedia Project (30 minutes):**

8. Divide the class into small groups and assign each group a specific scene or theme from “Maya Sings Country.” Instruct them to create a multimedia presentation (using PowerPoint, Google Slides, or similar tools) that includes images, text, and music related to their assigned scene or theme.

9. Each group should present their project to the class, explaining how it connects to diversity and the story.

Reflection and Discussion (15 minutes):

10. After all groups have presented, facilitate a discussion about the multimedia projects and how they represent diversity and inclusion.

11. Ask students to reflect on what they’ve learned from the book and the activities.

Homework/Extension Activity (Optional):

  • Assign students to write a short reflection essay about the importance of diversity and inclusivity in literature, using examples from “Maya Sings Country.”


  • Evaluation of participation in discussions, creativity in the visual representation, and collaboration in the multimedia project.


This lesson plan is designed to help 4th-grade students understand the significance of diversity and inclusion through the book “Maya Sings Country.” By discussing the story’s themes, exploring music, and engaging in multimedia projects, students will gain a deeper appreciation for the power of storytelling and the importance of embracing diversity.